“BPO REPUBLIC” is offering first of its kind, a unique concept that offers a wide array of Call Centers that are directly interconnected to the “Travel Industry”. Which has never been offered by any other organizations in around the whole of Asia other than us.

Our headquarters is situated in India, which attracts huge global organizations who have always preferred outsourcing call center services in India, when compared to outsourcing to China, Philippines, Malaysia and other Asian countries. India has always been the most preferred outsourcing location, because call centers in India offers a wide variety of advantages that other countries do not offer. India has a large qualified workforce and can also provide cost-effective call center outsourcing services. Outsource call center services to India and we give your organization a competitive edge.

We have a largest number of qualified, tech-savvy, IT literate, trained, skilled and experienced professionals. As India has the largest English-speaking population after the USA. India’s large and well-educated workforce has been one of India’s main advantages over other countries. India will continue to have a well-educated and large workforce, because India has an ever increasing number of college graduates and a large number of successful training industries.

India’s large manpower is willing to work for a lesser price. In a call center operation, manpower typically accounts for almost 50 percent of the total cost. In India, manpower is available at a fraction of the cost overseas and so are what we are offering.

“BPO REPUBLIC” offers you a large and educated workforce who are specialized in call center outsourcing services, with an ambience of latest technology and high-end infrastructure which gives 24/7 CCTV surveillance access to you for each and every employee we hire for your work, our call center services are unimaginably cost-effective as per the obvious reasons stated above.

1. Highly skilled employees.

2. 24/7 CCTV monitoring.

3. Extra ordinary service guaranteed.